From DJs chopping up disco hits at house parties in the Bronx to artists performing at the White House, hip-hop is in a constant state of evolution. Frank Casseus is the next stage in that evolution.

Born and bred in NYC, Frank’s childhood was a crash course in a variety of musical styles. Frank was raised on kompa, soul, reggae, Latin and classic rock; as Frank matured, he expanded his musical repertoire to include hip-hop and progressive rock. The impact of such a wide and eclectic range of influences is evident in his music. 

As an artist, Frank Casseus contains a multitude of creative forms. His music blends the lyrical dexterity of Method Man with the sonic boldness of Kendrick Lamar; the swagger of 50 Cent with the soul-baring emotion of Kid Cudi. 

“Costa Rica,” Frank’s first single released in 2016, is the anti-club banger, a rejection of the profiling and posturing that not too long ago threatened to suffocate hip-hop’s creative ambitions. Yet ironically, “Costa Rica” wouldn’t sound out of place in a nightclub.

Frank’s second single “Jones” was released in spring 2017 to an overwhelmingly positive reception. The minimalist beat on “Jones” provides the perfect backdrop for Frank to showcase his skills as a lyricist and his gift for laying bare emotions that are largely untapped in hip-hop. When Frank’s debut album “QUITE FRANKLY” arrives, the whole industry will hear what he’s been saying all along:

Hip-hop needs Frank Casseus.